Roof Repair Colorado Springs


Many property owners are faced with the need to replace their roofs in a timely and cost efficient manner due to numerous reasons such as the need to sell their home, unable to insure the home, leaks, home remodel, aesthetics, etc. There is a common misconception regarding the cost and time it takes to accomplish this. When you choose On Top Roofing & Restoration we are able to provide you with a quality product at an affordable price. We are in a position where we are a smaller company with larger buying power due to the amount of new construction we do. This allows us to pass on the savings to you our customer. Additionally, most homes only take us 1-2 days to replace the roof. We will consult with you and provide the best options to fit your needs and wants. The hardest part is finding the right contractor who will take up all the responsibility and ensure satisfactory service. Whether it is a complete makeover with new roof installation or cost cutting with roofing replacement by choosing On Top Roofing & Restoration, customers can be assured that they will be dealing with a reputable and dependable contractor, that offer expert advice, technical knowledge and unsurpassed service to all its clients. Our staff will recommend and explain what we feel is best for you, not what we want to sell.