Property Management Colorado Springs


At On Top Roofing & Restoration, we provide inspection services for your properties at no charge. It is not our goal to solicit fees from either you or your clients. In most circumstances, the issues we find can be taken care of by a quick roof tune-up, or is covered by insurance. WHAT WE PROVIDE:

1. Inspect the roof of each of your rental properties
2. Return to you with a report of our findings
3. Provide photo-documentation of any damage or issues we have located
4. Provide you with a PDF file you can forward on to your client that includes the photo-documented damage and information for them to make a decision
5. Work with your clients through any potential Insurance Clam processes
6. Provide your clients with the best value, usually with no out-of-pocket expense

We have had numerous longstanding relationships with Property Management providers in the community and can provide references upon request.